About our NEW Essentials.Red Loyalty Card

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With our NEW loyalty card You'll receive a point for each full £10.00 spent with us on your visit. Once you've completed your loyalty card you will earn a credit of £20 to spend towards treatments or products!

This credit is worth up to 10% of your spend with us – and worth a guaranteed minimum of 5% of your spend! PLUS – you'll be eligible for exclusive special offers for Loyalty Card Holders only.
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Essentials.Red AUGUST V.I.P. Offer!

Have you Completed YOUR Loyalty Card?
...then as a V.I.P, you can use your £20.00 credit to receive one of these upgraded treatments!
Callus Foot Treatment
PLUS File & Paint on Toes
(Together worth £28.00!)
Indian Head Massage
(Worth £25.00!)
OPI GelColor
plus Eyebrow Shape
(Together worth £25.00!)
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No need to pay anything – Just use your £20.00 Loyalty Credit! Find out more on our Loyalty Page.
Terms and Conditions for the Essentials.Red Loyalty Card
  • The Essentials.red Loyalty Card can only be used by YOU (the person named on the card);
  • The card is not transferable to others either to redeem or receive the credit;
  • Points can be earned on the purchase of Treatments, Products AND gift vouchers;
  • You'll earn 1 point for each FULL £10.00 spent with us on your single visit;
  • Multiple transactions made on multiple visits may NOT be combined to earn more points;
  • The value of the credit is worth £20.00;
  • This £20.00 is NOT exchangeable for cash;
  • Once the credit has been earned, it must be spent within 1 calendar month from the date it was earned;
  • The £20.00 credit can be spent on Treatments or Products, but NOT gift vouchers;
  • The £20.00 must be spent in one transaction and can’t be ’split up’;
  • The Essentials.Red Loyalty Card card MUST be kept safe: loss might result in your points being lost;
  • The only time you'll be able to redeem a reward with a partly-completed card is from an exclusive special offer for Essentials.Red Loyalty Card;
  • No points may be earned for treatments performed prior to the start of the Essentials.Red Loyalty Card Scheme;
  • Points will not be earned on the online purchase of Gift Voucher sales;
  • We reserve the right to reasonably alter these terms and conditions for any reason;
  • We reserve the right to end the scheme without prior notice for any reason;
  • Refer to our frequently asked questions or contact us directly on 01226 759068.

You have a Question?

Frequently asked questions:

“I have spent £19.99 – can I have 2 points?”

No. Only spends of FULL £10.00s (or multiples thereof) are eligible for a point(s).

“What will be the special offers available to me as an Essentials.Red Loyalty Card holder?”

The exclusive special offers for Essentials.Red Loyalty Card holders are announced periodically and will vary. Keep checking our website, facebook and other social media as well as in-salon.

I've lost my loyalty card. Can you replace my card and points?

No – you need to look after your card carefully.

“I bought a Gift Voucher online, can I use this transaction to earn points?”

No. Points can only be earned on transactions made through the salon.

Can I earn points when having treatments with your medical aesthetics nurse?

No. But you can redeem your £20.00 reward against our nurses treatments!