Our Booking & Cancellation Policy

Please take a moment to read about the improvements to our policy...

Our Booking & Cancellation Policy

A Special “Thank You”

As a small business, we rely on our clients to attend their appointments. Sadly, all too often, appointments are missed without any cancellation or at short notice and therefore the cost of the treatment is passed on to our business. For our business to continue and for our staff to remain employed we require all clients to observe our Booking and Cancellation Policy. We would like to say a special “Thank You” to all those whose attend their appointments on-time and give us as much notice as possible for any cancellations. As always, there will be a service charge for any treatments that are missed or cancelled within 24 hours notice. The changes are as follows:

The Improvements

  • Previously, If we have received a cancellation without the requested 24 hours notice, a service charge of 50% of the treatment(s) cost was payable.
  • Naturally, we dislike having to charge customers for late-cancelled appointments, so we are introducing a way for customers to reduce the cost of their late-cancelled appointments.
  • From August 2016 we will be able to credit you towards your next appointment if we are able to fill the cancelled appointment slot.
  • So – the more notice we receive, the more likely we are to be able to reduce or even refund the late-cancellation service charge.
If we manage to fill part of the late-cancelled appointment slot, we will then be able to reduce the late-cancellation charge by part.

In order to comply with our Booking & Cancellation Policy please observe the following:

  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment. If you are late or decide you do not need the full booking(s), you may have the treatment cut short & you will still be charged for the full session. Please contact to us if you believe you may be late for your appointment. Tel: 01226 759068.
  • If you cannot attend your appointment, please contact the salon as soon as possible so that the appointment slot may be offered to someone else. Tel: 01226 759068.
  • If you do not arrive (or do not give us 24 hours cancellation notice) for your appointment for any reason at all, then a 50% charge of the treatment(s) cost will be made. This charge is to enable us to recover part of the cost incurred by us in providing the staffing and also business costs.
  • If we manage to fill part of the late-cancelled appointment slot, we will then be able to reduce the late-cancellation charge by part.
  • For normal bookings or group bookings with a duration of 2 hours or longer, a 50% deposit is required. The deposit will not be refunded if the appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice. This may be paid over the phone or personally in the salon. Tel: 01226 759068. Essentials, No 9, Station Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0AH.

24 Hours Notice

Our definition of ’24 Hours Notice’ is as follows:
24 hours means literally 24 hours, so for example; If your appointment is at 6pm on Friday, then you would be require to cancel your appointment before 6pm on the previous Thursday. This notice period is strictly observed.

Should your appointment fall on the first working day of the week following a weekend or Bank Holiday, then a voice message will be accepted as a cancellation as long as it is left more than 24 hours prior to the booking time. Tel: 01226 759068.

Our Opening Hours

Monday - Closed -
Tuesday: 9am - 7pm
Wednesday: 9am - 7pm
Thursday: 9am - 7pm
Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: - Closed -

How to Cancel an Appointment

Please call 01226 759068 to speak to one of our friendly staff. If calling out-of-hours a voice message must be left. Note that we do not accept cancellations by SMS text message, eMail or Facebook message.

Thank you for your loyalty – We’re sure you will agree this is a fair improvement to our policy and we look forward to booking your treatments with us in future.

Kindest regards,
Jenny Newsome, Company Director

You have a Question?

Some frequently asked questions:

“I had to cancel because I had to deal with an emergency. Will I still be charged?”

Yes. Sadly, these days, we all have hectic lives and every customer has emergencies to deal with from time to time. The Staff’s costs and wages come straight from treatment bookings and so we need to make a charge to cover these costs.

“Am I being FINED?”

Absolutely not! We are making a charge. This charge is to make up just some of the costs involved in arranging your appointment; wages, salon costs etc. We are very much like a Hotel: for example; If you were to cancel a room reservation at short notice, it’s likely that the Hotel would charge 100% of the room costs. Our salon operates a similar, but better service!

“How would I cancel if you are are closed on the day before my appointment?”

We accept answer machine messages with 24 hours notice – but currently, we DON’T accept text messages, emails or Facebook messages – Our beauty therapists simply don’t have the ability to check through text messages or online messages whilst they are busy delivering good quality treatments.

“Can I pass my appointment on to a friend to avoid paying a charge?”

Absolutely. Although, we need to speak to you BOTH about this BEFORE your appointment. Preferably well before your appointment time. Call us on 01226 759068.

“I can’t seem to keep my appointments anymore, as my work rota keeps changing! What can I do?”

If you find that your work routine changes too much, why not check our availability on the day? We have recruited several more staff recently in order to accommodate demand – meaning you are more likely to be able to find an appointment that suits you at short notice.

“I’ve been coming to you salon for years – why should I pay a charge?”

Our salon has been popular for over 21 years and has gained a good reputation. We could not have gained this accolade without always reinvesting in our staff, our staff’s training our product brands and our premises. In order to give you the service that you’ve always enjoyed, we need the finances to do it – hence the cancellation charge.