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Time to say Goodbye

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Important announcement:

After much consideration, We have come to the decision to close, with our last day being November 30th 2019.
We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers who have loyally supported us over the last 11 years since we bought the business. We’re truly grateful for the kindness and support you’ve all shown over the years.
During this time we have endeavoured to provide you with the very best therapies available and we are very proud to have developed an excellent reputation during this period with your help and recommendations.

Now that we are incredibly lucky enough to have become parents, we don’t feel that we can give the same level of time or commitment that we have previously. We feel such a business and the staff need this commitment in order to keep running to the high standards that we’ve always promised and achieved - hence our decision to close and sell. We hope you can all understand and appreciate this decision.

We wanted to give enough notice for you all to sort suitable alternative arrangements for your Christmas appointments and if you haven’t heard from us already, we will be ringing everyone over the next week who have appointments in December.

Once again, thank you all so very much for the incredible support over the years which has made it possible for us to enjoy our time there. We hope you’ve enjoyed using our salon as much as we’ve enjoyed serving you.

We’ll miss all the lovely chats so please do say hello and let us know how you are if you see us out and about. Love and best wishes to everyone.

Jenny & Dale
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